GPS-SA3000XXSpectrum Analyser

These lightweight spectrum analysers provide excellent flexibility in field environments for locating, identifying, recording, and solving communication systems problems without sacrificing measurement accuracy and can also adapt for detailed benchtop measurement, analysis, and evaluation of RF signals. All options are pre-installed into the unit and can be activated at a later date with a unique code purchased from GPS Ltd.

2.1 or 3.2GHz

standard preamplifier

large 10.1" display

1024x600 resolution

compact & lightweight

software included

  • Frequency range 9KHz up to 2.1/3.2GHz max. Built in pre-amp option
  • High resolution filter accuracy owing to all-digital implementation
  • Best close-in phase noise performance in it’s price range of signal/spectrum analysers: -98 dBc/Hz (at 1 GHz center frequency, 10 kHz offset frequency with all frequency models)
  • Tracking Generator option available with easy on-site upgrading
  • 10.1″ display with 1024×600 resolution
Main unit


Spectrum Analyser 9kHz~2.1GHz

Order code: 630219


Spectrum Analyser 9kHz~2.1GHz with Tracking Generator

Order code: 650508


Spectrum Analyser 9kHz~3.2GHz

Order code: 630320


Spectrum Analyser 9kHz~3.2GHz with Tracking Generator

Order code: 650530



EMI measurement kit

Order code: 900109


Advanced measurement kit

Order code: 900382


Reflect measurement kit

Order code: 900183


Tracking Generator Kit

Order code: 900355


Soft carrying bag

Order code: 900362
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