GPS-313XB SeriesProfessional Benchtop LCR Meters

A benchtop-based instrument, the 3131XB can be used in laboratories and other industrial-grade environments to measure absolutely every aspect of a component or other compatible material.

  • High quality TFT LCD display clearly shows all measurement parameters
  • OPEN and SHORT correction options
  • Comparator function: organise components into 10 files with 14 bins: P1 – P9, Ng, AUX, HI, IN and LO
  • RS232 connection to PC and integrated Handler interface
  • Measure multiple parameters: Cs, Rs, Cs-D, Cp-Rp, Cp-D, Lp-Rp, Lp-Q, Ls-Rs, Ls-Q, Rs-Q, R-x, Z-θrad, Z-θdeg
  • High accuracy measurements: 0.05% ± 5
  • Frequency range from 10Hz to 300kHz available
  • Automatic and manual range selection options
  • Key lock function
  • Average rate of 1-200 times

Benchtop LCR Meter | 50Hz~100KHz (10pts) | Accuracy: 0.05%

Benchtop LCR Meter | 50Hz~200KHz (continuous) | Accuracy: 0.05%

Benchtop LCR Meter | 10Hz~300kHz (continuous) | Accuracy: 0.05%