GPS-800TA seriesHandheld Tablet Oscilloscope

With a sampling rate of up to 125MSa/s and integrated EasyPulse© technology, these generators are more versatile than other similar DDS designs and make it easy to adjust the waveform output to the design you need.

  • Full touch screen operation w/ virtual keyboard
  • 70 or 100 MHz bandwidth
  • 2 or 4 channels
  • 1Gs/s sampling rate
  • Up to 28Mpts memory depth with ZOOM technology
  • Up to 80,000 wfms/s capture rate
  • 31 types of auto measurements
  • Lower noise and various trigger functions
  • Multi-level intensity grading display
  • Built-in 8GB memory
 Main Unit


Touchscreen 70MHZ, 2-channel tablet oscilloscope

Order code: 182107


Touchscreen 100MHZ, 2-channel tablet oscilloscope

Order code: 182310


Touchscreen 70MHZ, 4-channel tablet oscilloscope

Order code: 182807


Touchscreen 100MHZ, 4-channel tablet oscilloscope

Order code: 182910
The TA800 series touchscreen technology
  • Intuitive 8-inch TFT screen uses the same gestures found on your favourite tablets/smartphones
  • Swipe down with 4 fingers to take a screenshot which can be later viewed and edited
  • Swipe down with 3 fingers to access the ZOOM function
  • All touch menus and shortcuts are intelligently arranged to allow largest possible viewing area for the signal
Product Demo Screenshots